Notts County Supporters Club Statement


Notts County Supporters Club was very disappointed to receive a letter last Thursday from Notts County FC Chairman, Mr Ray Trew, which stated the football club was taking the "official" status away from the The Supporters Club and forming its own Supporters Association. The Supporters Club was also asked to vacate the room it used as an office on Meadow Lane and told it would now operate the Official Away Travel Service.

The Supporters Club has been aware that for the whole of last season a very small group of members were unhappy with the present Supporters Club Committee.

This group was in regular contact with the football club board.

This group was asked several times to meet the Committee and discuss their concerns but flatly refused every time. However, they continued to send in letters and emails of complaint to the committee. The letters and emails became more personal, abusive and directed at certain members. The Committee decided to stop responding until this group started communicating again in the correct manner.

In his letter, Mr Trew says the Board has made this decision based on "falling membership, loss of revenue and other voiced concerns".

Whilst the Supporters' Club's committee agree that membership has fallen, we would point out that attendances have also dropped and, historically, membership numbers reflects what happens on the pitch. 

During the 150th anniversary the Supporters Club was asked not to hold any fund raising events as NCFC wanted all activity devoted to the 150 celebrations.

The Jimmy and Jack Statue Fund also did not carry out any fund raising activities during the 150 season.

Part of the role of the Supporters Club is to pass on the views of its members. When it was suggested that Supporters felt there was very little in the 150 celebrations for the "normal fan" this was dismissed by the Board.

One of the criticisms of the SC by the group was the lack of social events.

Last season, Supporters Club Chair Iris Smith had several meetings with the club to try and arrange match day activities or events. All were rebuffed, as were requests for suitable dates to put on activities.

Until now, the SC has not revealed why it has proved difficult to put things on as we did not want to portray the football club in a bad light but this "silence" has resulted in a perception that nothing was happening when, infact, the opposite was true.

A major area of revenue for the Supporters Club has been organising the official away travel service.

After seeing some figures, the group criticising the committee had said the profit was poor last season.

Profit was down compared to previous seasons but this has to be taken into context. Last season there was no cup run and a lot of shorter distance games when people tend to travel by car. Notts' away support across all modes of transport was down on the previous season.

The SC always ran away travel at a profit but also at a competitive price to keep away travel as affordable as possible to both members and non members.

We regularly compared prices with other clubs and it was almost always less expensive.

Since the announcement last week, rumours have circulated that the SC would run out of money during the season. 

This is absolutely not the case and we would like to make it clear people have based their comments on figures that have not been approved or indeed explained in a wider context.

The SC committee agrees with some of the points made by some of its critics and is certainly not above criticism and has always welcomed new ideas.

However, contrary to the recent reports, there has not been a deluge of complaints.

The office door was always open before and after matches and it was always busy with people popping in. Not many were complaining.

The SC Chair and Transport Secretary's mobile numbers were on the website, in the office and regularly published in the match day programme and they have not received any complaints. Several letters and emails were received last season complimenting the SC on its service.

The Supporters Club has made it to 65 years. The Committee would like to thank all its members over the years for their support.

The rescheduled AGM will still take place on Thursday Aug 8th when all of lasts season's members are welcome to attend.